gingham & tulle

Back in high school, my hostel wear was fabric with gingham design. Safe to say, no one cared much about it then but now it’s all the rave. Fashion brands can’t seem to get enough of it and try as much as possible to design a lot of items with it. And there my friends lies the gospel fashion truth, nothing ever truly goes out of style. It’s like a cycle, constantly rotating. I do love the material (can’t say the same for my high school days), it is eye catching and versatile. No wonder it is the rave these days.

I linked some items off my gingham wishlist at the end of this post, keep scrolling to see 🙂


tulle skirt

gingham & tulle





Top – Boohoo

Skirt – My tailor did that 🙂

Mules – Coco wren Via Asos

Bag – Thrifted

What is your take on the fabric design? Worth the rave or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


2 Replies to “GINGHAM X TULLE”

  1. Hot slay ass mama!!!!!very sutle and classy

    1. Thank you babe!

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